Free online tools for Web developers and Designers

Welcome to our collection of free online tools for web developers and designers\! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our tools are here to help you streamline your workflow, improve your skills, and bring your projects to the next level. Here you'll find a wide range of tools, from basic code editors and color pickers, to advanced tools for responsive design, website optimization, and more. We've carefully curated this selection to provide you with the best possible resources, so you can focus on what you do best: creating stunning websites and designs. Our tools are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, so you can start working on your projects right away. And with frequent updates and new features added regularly, you can be sure that our tools will always be up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. So whether you're a web developer, designer, or a bit of both, our tools are here to help you achieve your goals. Browse our selection and start creating today!

Base64 decode
Decode base64 string
Base64 encode
Encode base64 string
Text to HEX Convert
Convert binary data into hexadecimal
Binary to Text Convert
Converts from Binary to Text
Character Counter
Calculate String Length/Character Counter
Compress PNG, JPG and GIF
Compresses PNG, JPG and GIF without losing quality
DNS Lookup
DNS Lookup fetches all DNS Records of a domain
Extract E-mails From Documents
Extract all E-mails from text, file or link
Image Extractor
Extract all images from URL, file or text
Extract URLs From any Document
Extract all URLs from text, file or link
Get Facebook ID
Find ID of any facebook page, group or profile
HEX to Text Convert
Decodes a hexadecimally encoded binary string
Hex Color to RGB Convert
Converts Hex Color to RGB value
HTML Decode
Decode HTML entities
HTML Encode
Encode HTML entities
Convert PNG and JPG to WebP
Convert images PNG and JPG to WebP with compression
Convert JPG to PNG
Convert image JPG to PNG with compression
Minify JS, Json, HTML & CSS
Compressor that minifies JavaScript, Json, HTML and CSS
Morse Code to Text Convert
Convert Morse Code to Text
Convert PNG to JPG
Convert image PNG to JPG with compression
Remove Line Breaks
Remove All Line Breaks From Text
Resize Images
Resizes PNG, JPG or GIF images
RGB Color to HEX Convert
Converts RGB value to HEX color
See my IP, city and country
Show your IP, city, region and country
Text to Morse Code Convert
Convert Text to Morse Code
Text to lower case
Convert all Text to lower case
Convert all Text to Upper Case
Text to Binary Convert
Converts from Text to Binary
Decode Unicode text
Decode/Unescape Unicode Entities
Encode Unicode text
Encode/Escape Unicode Text
URL Decode
Decode your URL or text
URL Encode
Encode your URL or text
Convert URLs to PDF Documents
Extract content from URLs and convert to PDF
UTF-8 Decode
Decode from UTF-8 format
UTF-8 Encode
Encode to UTF-8 format
Word Counter
Calculate Words on Text or Document
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